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September 24, 2017


Food $en$e  October 2017

A program of the Food Bank of Central New York and the Lowville Food Pantry

Food $en$e offers everyone the opportunity to stretch their food budget dollars by purchasing quality and delicious food units at a discount - not to mention the great specials available!!

Everyone is eligible to purchase food from Food$en$e, including senior citizens, college students, singles, disabled, shut-ins, working and military families.

There are no income requirements! If you eat, you can get Food $en$e !
Food $en$e is NOT a federal, state or local government program.
It is NOT part of any social service agency or any religious organization.
It is NOT a hand-out!! Food $en$e is a Helping Hand!!

How do you purchase food from Food $en$e ?

Register and pay in advance.
At the Lowville Food Pantry or the Harrisville United Methodist Church.
On Distribution Day you can sign up for the following month.

Pay $20.50 in cash, check\money order or Food Stamps (EBT\SNAP).

More than one unit can be purchased.
In addition to the basic food “unit,” special items are available for purchase also.
Checks\Money Orders made payable to: Food $en$e
** We now accept credit and debit cards. **
** SNAP(Food Stamps) must still be done in person or by phone or mail or email. **

Pick up your food unit on Friday at the Lowville Food Pantry,  or the

Harrisville United Methodist Church.
If you are unable to pick up your order have a friend or family member pick it up for you.

Please bring a box, bag or basket for Regular Units only!  Specials come prepacked.

There will be NO refunds or credits given on food not picked up!
Food must be picked up on time.
**Food not picked up on Distribution Day
will be donated to a family in need or the Local Food Pantry.**

You are not obligated to order every month.
You are encouraged to enjoy the Food $en$e savings!
Order and pay by Friday, October 13th ~ Distribution on Friday, October 27th.

Register from 9:00AM till 12 Noon, Monday thru Friday.
Lowville Food Pantry
7646 Forest Ave, Lowville
Distribution for Lowville October 27th from 3:00 PM till 5:00 PM.
Held at the Lowville Food Pantry.
For more information:
Daniel Taylor@ 315-376-7431 or 315-376-4969


Harrisville Area
Fran Grimmer   Home - 315-493-0975 ~~ Cell - 315-286-0818
Sign up is first Friday of every month between 3 PM till 5 PM.
*Some months may be the second Friday*
Order and pay by Friday, October 13th
Distribution on Friday, October 27th between 5 PM till 6:00 PM.
Held at the Harrisville United Methodist Church
14294 Maple Street, Harrisville

Menu for October 2017

Projected Food $en$e List - 1 Unit $20.50 (this list is subject to change)

Pork Chops (boneless), 1 lb.
Chicken Drumsticks, 3 lbs.
Breaded Fish Sticks, 1 lb.
Ground Turkey (lean), 1 lb.
Pierogies, 13 oz.  
Chicken Noodle Soup, 18.5 oz.
Frozen Carrots, 16 oz.
Applesauce, 15 oz.
Brownie Mix, 19.9 oz.
Beef & Broccoli, 22 oz.
(complete meal)
Fresh Produce
Fresh Produce

This Month’s Specials are:

1. Stuffed Chicken Breasts: 2 lbs. for $7.00 - The pork chops are stuffed with apples and cranberries.
2. Italian Meatballs: 5 lbs. for $13.00 - The Italian meatballs are fully cooked and are in a five pound bag.
3. American Cheese: 5 lbs. for $11.50 - The sliced American cheese is not individually wrapped.
4. Chicken Nuggets: 5 lbs. for $8.00 - The chicken nuggets are fully cooked and are all breast meat.
5. Breakfast Sausage: 3 lbs. for $7.00 - The breakfast sausage is a sweet sausage and locally made in Utica, NY.
6. French Fries: 5 lbs. for $5.50 - The French Fries are ready to cook and can be used in the oven or fryer.
7. Hot Pockets: 12/8 oz. sandwiches for $17.00 - The ham & cheese Hot Pockets contain 12 sandwiches per special.


** Donations are accepted to purchase Regular Boxes for those in need. **

 * Do you know someone who needs a helping hand? **


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